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The Greatest Indian country has got so many types of treasures. One of them is the ancient style of prediction telling by Naadi Astrology. Indian ancient Saints have written these predictions in the ancient palm leaves nearly 3000 years ago. They are in ancient Tamil Language. Those ancient Tamil Language letters are difference from the modern Tamil Language. The Tamil language people are keeping these leaves safely and the future predictions are read from those leaves for all human beings in this world. This is called as the NAADI ASTROLOGY. Every country people can get these future predictions from our palm leaves.


In the ancient India, there was one community doing this divine powered service. The Name that community is VALLUVA community. Our heredity belongs to that VALLUVA community. The heredity of our family provides these Naadi leaf prediction readings for the past 200 years. We have been trained well by our ancestors and forefathers to read and understand the ancient Tamil Language letters. Our ancestors had collected these ancient palm leaf writings from various places of Indian country and they had provided these services without the selfishness. It is treated as the Divine service of our country and it is provided towards the welfare of the universe. You can get your predictions in English Language also.


You should give your Thumb impression first. It may be sent by email, whats app or in person. The right side thumb impression is required for Male hands and the left side thumb impression is required for female hands. According to your thumb impression, your leaf will be identified.

These ancient palm leaves are seen in bundles. Each bundle has got nearly 50 numbers of leaves. Each leaf will be read by our experienced readers and you have to watch the sentences and you have to say only ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ as your reply. Based on your thumb impression, four or five bundles will be available. Your exact Leaf will be searched from these bundles one by one. By these practice, your exact leaf will be identified within 30 minutes or sometimes in one hour duration.

You can know your future predictions only from these leaves. Past events can’t be identified from the leaf. From your present age, all your future age predictions will be told in the leaf.

There are two types of predictions you can get from leaf. One is called SUKSHMA NAADI. It will give you all details in simple manner. The service charges will be low for this reading.

Another one type is called as ADHISUKSHMA NAADI. It will give you the elaborated details. The service charges will be high for this reading.

At first the General chapter reading will be provided to you either by SUKSHMA or by ADHISUKSHMA NAADI styles. You can get all future period predictions from this chapter. If you want details in elaborate style for any particular question, separate chapter reading will be read to you. It will get one extra service charge. But this is not compulsory to all. For example, regarding your future marriage, General chapter will provide you the details on your marriage like age of marriage, welfare of the marriage life etc., If you want to get more details regarding your marriage, if necessary you should get predictions from the separate Marriage chapter of Naadi astrology.

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